Editors’ Picks 2020: Nonfoods winners

David Salazar
Managing Editor

This year, Store Brands editors culled through hundreds of product entries, and read through recent product news coverage over a qualifying 15-month period.

The following products are the Nonfoods items that stood out in various categories. To read about the Beverage and Food winners, click here


Gold: Valor Brands, Topco Associates — Tippy Toes True Diapers
With more than a third of parents buying organic for their baby and half want clean products, the Tippy Toes diapers are gentle, chlorine-free, made with renewable materials and still pack 12 hours of leakage protection.

Silver (tie): Fote, Albertsons — Open Nature Baby Toiletries; Albertsons — Open Nature Baby Lotion

Bronze: Vijon, Walgreens — Well Beginnings Hypoallergenic Vanilla Apricot Baby Wash and Shampoo



Gold: Hart Consumer Products/Techtronics Industries, Walmart — Hart 20V 4-Tool Combo Kit
A top-seller in the category following its November launch, even though it’s a bit higher priced than others in Walmart’s debut Hart line of own brand tools, the kit helps complete any DIY home project.

Silver: Hart Consumer Products/Techtronics Industries, Walmart — Hart 68 PC. Impact Driver Bit Set

Bronze: Hart Consumer Products/Techtronics Industries, Walmart — Hart 40V Brushless 20” Push Mower Kit


Oral Care

Gold (2-way tie): Plus Ultra, Albertsons — Open Nature Bamboo Toothbrush; Ranir, Walgreens — Bamboo Toothbrushes
Plastic pollution is a problem and these toothbrushes provide an eco-friendly alternative that helps keep plastic toothbrushes piling up on the landfill.

Silver: Lornamead, Albertsons — Open Nature Charcoal Toothpaste

Bronze: Rosemarie, Walgreens — Eco-friendly Flossers


Health and Beauty Care

Gold: Fruit of the Earth, Walgreens — Psoriasis All Purpose Wash; Psoriasis Daily Repair Moisturizer
These two products were the first store brand psoriasis treatments on the market, formulated for dry and reactive skin types and free from parabens, sulfates and fragrances.

Silver: U.S. Cotton, Topco Associates — TopCare Makeup Blender Sponges

Bronze: Personnelle, Metro — Personnelle Discover Beauty Secrets - Advent Calendar



Gold (tie): Herevin by Solmazer, Walmart/Carrefour/Daiso — Salad Box With Sauce Pot; Salt & Pepper Grinder With Elegant Design
There’s an elegance to these functional meal items, particularly the salad box with sauce pot container that helps encourage healthier eating, The grinder — sold in two sizes — stands out as a luxury item for a store brand.

Silver: Herevin by Solmazer, Walmart/Carrefour/Daiso — Water Bottle for Children

Bronze: ADJ, Walgreens — Complete Home Stainless Steel Straws



Gold: Greenology, Albertsons — O Organics Fabric Softeners
Albertsons debuted a new scented fabric softener in citrus and lavender scents that brought an all-natural and stunning alternative into the laundry space.

Silver: VSP, Albertsons — Open Nature Scent Boosters

Bronze: TLS Americas Inc., Topco Associates — Simply Done Oxy Pac Detergent Booster



Gold: Perrigo, Topco Associates — TopCare Esomeprazole Magnesium Mini Capsules
Sixty million Americans suffer from acid indigestion or heartburn weekly and these pills offer a full day of protection while being easy to swallow compared to what’s traditionally offered.

Silver: Life Wear Tech, Walgreens — Instant & Reusable Gel Pack

Bronze: PL Developments, Topco Associates — TopCare Ibuprofen Liquigel Minis



Gold: First Quality, Walgreens — Complete Home Ultra Soft Toilet Paper
Toiler paper has been the star of the pandemic, and Walgreens’ store brand offers a superior-quality item that is comparable to national brands but at half the price.

Silver: BB17 and Huhtamaki, Albertsons — Open Nature Compostable Table Top items

Bronze: Simply Clean, Walgreens — Complete Home Compostable Plate



Gold: Sunshine Mills, Topco Associates — Pure Harmony Oven Baked
Pet parents called for human-grade pet food, mimicking human food trends, and this store brand launched with unique flavors like Sweet Potato & Cranberry Recipe Dog Food and Oven Roasted Turkey.

Silver: Globalinx, Walgreens — Petshoppe Premium Chicken Fillet; Petshoppe Premium Chicken Jerky

Bronze: Rush Direct, Aldi — Aldi-exclusive Pure Being Super Jerky Dog Treats



Gold: Perrigo, Topco Associates — TopCare Electrolyte Powder
This own brand captures a 37% share of sales in a segment that is dominated by a national brand leader, and sales were up nearly 30% for the last 52 weeks.

Silver: Boston Nutraceutical Science, Topco Associates — TopCare Children’s Jelly Beans Multi-Vitamins

Bronze: Merical, Walgreens — Heartburn Probiotic


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